About Us

We believe that Good Food is a bridge that connects us all through sustenance, celebration and community.

 Mel, from Memphis, met Damaris in Kenya, where farm fresh simple ingredients and rich aromatic spices transform into bold savory ‘Soul satisfying meals’.

They settled in the hills of Vermont, a state well known for its local food movement, strong community and environmental stewardship. It was the perfect place to introduce a slice of African culture and cuisine.

Out of local food festivals, farmer’s markets and a restaurant came a local following for traditional healthy African foods inspired by Old Ways nutritional wisdom and cooking techniques utilizing whole grains, hearty beans, lean meats and leafy greens. 

Blessed with a child allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts and seafood, they realized the need for conveniently packaged, allergy friendly, good food options. They now present to you Global Village Cuisine  'Slow Food' flavors in 'Ready-to-Eat' lunch or dinner options. Previously, these conveniently packaged meals could only  be found in the frozen grocery section in New England states, but now, can be delivered right to your door.. 

We are committed to being allergy friendly.

Our meals contain: no dairy, egg, nut, soy, sesame or seafood

This is food with meaning, made with the same passion and care we insist upon for our own family. 

Our mission is to Nourish Your Body and Simplify Your Life with tasty, convenient, quick-frozen “Ready-to- Eat Slow Foods”.

Every bite is a token of our humble commitment, to make a small contribution towards your well being & convenience.