Damaris' Madagascar Dynamite Sauce

A zesty,  tangy tomato-onion relish that delivers a sensory Pop!  with  a slight pepper and a sweet gingery finish that refreshes and Wows the palate.  

  • Excellent Source of Dieatary Fiber (17 g) & Vitamin A  
  • Good Source of Protein (14g), Iron & Vitamin C  
  • Low Saturated Fat (3g)  • Cholestorol Free

OUR CLEAN INGREDIENTS: (Apple Cider Vinegar,  Onion, Turbinado Sugar, Tomato, Ginger, Sugar, Spices)


MEALS LINKS: Ethiopian Lentil Combo , African No Nut Stew, Swahili Curry Chicken, Moroccan Lemon Chicken