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Throughout the  Continental U.S.
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<p style="text-align: center; font-size: 10pt;"><em>NO DAIRY • NO EGGS •&nbsp;NO NUTS • NO SOY • NO SEAFOOD & <strong>GLUTEN</strong></em><strong> FREE</strong>!<em></em></p>




<style=" font-size: 10pt;">NO DAIRY • NO EGGS •&nbsp;NO NUTS • NO SOY • NO SEAFOOD & GLUTEN FREE

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Help SECURE the FUTURE of a small, scrappy Vermont Food Venture !

Place and order now & become a FOUNDING PATRON of this service - as one of our 500 ORDERS in 30 Days CAPITAL Campaign. Your support means expanded menu offerings, more services,  more GOOD FOOD In the world.

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Welcome to Global Village Cuisine

OUR GOAL Nourish & Simplify YOUR Life!

                We make Authentic  READY-TO-EAT  Ethnic Meals & Samosa which are:

Allergy Friendly: NO DAIRY •  EGGS •  NUTS  • SOY • SEAFOOD ever ! GLUTEN FREE on the MEALS

Clean Label non-GMO Ingredients  in simple time-tested recipes, full of Old World Nutritional Wisdom

Authentically Delicious ‘Mouth Happy’ , Soul Satisfying flavors that take  your senses on a taste tour across Africa & around the World.