Chickpea Vegetable Tajine

Chickpea Vegetable Tajine

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Chickpea Tajine box, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free dinner, frozen ready to eat home meal replacementChickpeas slow simmered in a rich cumin, coriander, herb infused tomato stock with other fragrant Mediterranean herbs & spices, accentuated with the natural sweetness of carrots and raisins.


  • 13  oz Vegan & Gluten Free  meal for a satisfying lunch or dinner 
  • Excellent Source of Dietary Fiber (16 g) 57%
  • Good Source of Protein (18g), Iron (7mg) 40% & Vitamin C 
  • Low Saturated Fat (1g) 5%, Total Fat (7 g) 9% • Cholesterol Free

OUR CLEAN INGREDIENTS: (Chick Peas, Carrots, Tomato Paste [tomato], Raisins, Scallions, Cilantro, Cumin, Spices) (Brown Rice, Millet, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Spices)

Chipea Tajine, Vegan / Vegetarian/ gluten free meal nutritional label