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What's it all about ?
Simply Good Food !  

Allergy Friendly

No one left behind. Most of our products are GLUTEN FREE & FREE FROM:

Dairy • Egg • Peanut • Tree Nut • Sesame • Soy • Seafoods

Exception: SAMOSAS (contain wheat & soy)

Simple Ingredients


Made from scratch with fresh ground spices and ingredients. Simple, savory, sublte, sometimes boistrous African fusion meals.

Convenient & Easy

Ready when you are!

Quick frozen for best taste, nutrition and quality.

Simply Heat & Serve for a taste of Comfort Food with a Global flare

No Prep, No Recipes.

throughout upper New England in about 100 Natural Foods Co-ops, Specialty & Grocery stores in NH, MA, RI, & CT; including most Whole Foods Markets.

Don't live in New England ? No worries.

WE SHIP DIRECT to ANYWHERE in the Continental United States!

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What's in a Package?

Curated combinations of Ready-to-eat meals, soup, African kale dishes, samosa and more. We mix and match to create options to please your palate and fit your preferences.

8 LARGE FREEZER FILLERS featuring (12-14 Items) per Package

4 SMALLER SAMPLERS featuring (7-8 Items) per Package


GLOBAL PACKAGES (featuring chicken meals and meat samosa.): 3 GLUTEN FREE • 3 with SAMOSA

OTHER OFFERINGS : • BY THE CASE Meals, Kales & Samosa

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Old World Nutrition

We belive African & Old World cooking traditions offer pathways to good eating and good health.

Protein Rich


High Fiber


Nutrient Dense



The Boston Globe Food Section
sums it up

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